Kyoto-style Lacquerware Which Zohiko Presents Footsteps From the 1st Year of Kanbun 1661

Zoge-ya, the predecessor of Zohiko, started its operation to sell specialty tools and artistic lacquer goods for daily use in the 1st year of Kanbun (1661). Hikobei III was a craftsman who excelled at the lacquerware technique and was granted the title “Master of Maki-e” by the Emperor. In the last stage of his life, he created a Maki-e panel, ‘Fugen Bodhisattva on a white elephant’. The people of Kyoto were so charmed by the beauty of this image that they named it the “Zohiko panel,” with “Zo” being the first part of ‘Zoge-ya’ and “Hiko” being the first part of Hikobei’s first name. Since then, we have been developing and gaining a trusted reputation under the store name ‘Zohiko’.

象彦女子部 象彦チャンネル  1661年創業の京漆器商・象彦の公式Instagram
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