Fusion of the Fine Arts of Urushi and Pewter: Shori (Ascending Carp) 2014

The SHORI collection 2014


It is our great pleasure to announce the collaboration between ROYAL SELANGOR, a renowned leader in fine pewter from Malaysia, and ZOHIKO, an esteemed maker of fine lacquer products from Kyoto, Japan. We are jointly launching the “Shouri” (“Ascending Carp”) series. This project is truly a crystallization of the traditional arts and fine craftsmanship of the two countries.



These figurative artworks are made of pewter (tin alloy) and urushi (Japanese lacquer). The successful realization of combining these two unique materials is truly a historic first. The motif used in these artworks is a carp ascending a waterfall. Only 88 art pieces of this limited series will be produced for the world market. These works will be created under three different themes: strength (gou), elegance (miyabi), and vividness (irodori).

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