The Wonder 500 certified product / 4-piece set of cups for chilled sake

The wonder 500™ certified product : Shiki Reishuhai Yonkyaku Set (4-piece set of cups for chilled sake)


The veteran Kyoto lacquerware maker Zohiko, with a 354-year history provides a new way to drink Japanese sake with its Shiki Reishuhai Yonkyaku Set. The Japanese sake sommelier, Katsumi Kimura oversaw production of the set, ensuring a shape that fits the flavor and aroma of each type of sake, including kunshu(fragrant), jukushu(matured), soshu(light), and junshu(rich). This set of lacquerware cups are carved from wood as a single piece rather than being joined together, making them a shining example of craftsmanship.

Pouring of Japanese sake into four different cups for comparison is a joy. Try it and you’re sure to be surprised at the differences in flavor and aroma. The appeal of these cups lies in the relaxed gloss only found on lacquerware and the soft feel on the lips. These are the perfect complement for enhancing the flavor in both Japanese sake and Western alcohol.
(Junzo Yamashita)

創業迄今已354年的京漆器老店Zohiko(象彥),以「Shiki Reishuhai Yonkyaku Set (四季 木製漆器冷酒杯組【四杯】)」這款獨特的商品,賦予日本酒嶄新的品味方式。這款酒杯組由日本酒侍酒師木村克己先生監製,一舉打造了四只酒杯,分別用來盛裝薰酒、熟酒、爽酒和醇酒等四類日本酒。透過不同造型的酒杯品嚐各類日本酒的滋味與香氣,正是這套酒杯組的最大特色。這款漆器酒杯組不是以木板拼裁方式製作,而是用一塊木頭一體成型削製而成,充分展現了工匠的實力。

Zohiko, enseigne historique de laques de Kyoto, fondée il y a 354 ans, propose avec son Set de 4 tasses pour saké froid une nouvelle façon de boire le saké : ces tasses ont pour particularité d’avoir des formes conçues sous la supervision du sommelier en saké Katsumi Kimura, permettant de jouir des arômes et saveurs propres aux quatre types de saké : le saké aromatique, le saké mûr, le saké léger et le saké savoureux. Un ensemble de tasses à saké mettant en valeur la technique des artisans qui les ont tournées dans un seul bloc de bois, sans aucun raccord.





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