Révélations(レベラシオン) 出展凱旋展 開催のお知らせ / Notice of Special Exhibition

【Révélations(レベラシオン) 出展凱旋展 開催のお知らせ】

「Révélations」は、2 年に1度開催される、世界のアートとクラフトのための国際見本市です。

281のフランスの高級工芸品を代表する専門組織であるAtelier d’art de Franceによって企画、制作されたこのビエンナーレには、





【Révélations出展凱旋展 詳細】



会場|象彦 京都寺町本店 2階




【Notice of  Special Exhibition “Zohiko works in Révélations”】

Zohiko exhibited at the international biennale “Révélations” held at Grand Palais Ephemère in Paris, France for five days from June 7 to 11, 2023.

Révélations is an international arts and crafts fair held every two years.

Organized and produced by Atelier d’art de France, a professional organization representing 281 French fine crafts, the Biennale features a wide range of works from all over the world that have passed a rigorous selection process,

The Biennale brings together creatives from all over the world who have passed a rigorous selection process.

This 6th edition of the Biennale featured the works of 350 creators, craftsmen, and other exhibitors.

Zohiko, celebrating its 360th anniversary, has produced a number of lacquerware pieces with the aim of restoring and passing on the lacquer craft techniques that have gradually been lost over time.
At the same time, to expand the possibilities of traditional crafts into the future, we challenged ourselves to create pieces that fuse new materials and shapes with lacquer.

We would like to expand the possibilities of lacquerware by showing people not only in Japan but also around the world the techniques that Zohiko has cultivated for 360 years against the backdrop of Kyoto’s traditional culture.
With this in mind, we were pleased to have many people view and admire our works at this exhibition.

We are pleased to announce that we will hold a special exhibition at Kyoto Teramachi Main Shop, where you can view the exhibited works.


【Details of the Exhibition】

Date|September 20 – September 25, 2023


Venue|Zohiko Kyoto Teramachi Main Shop, 2F


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